Themsen Health ApS – the leading supplier of nitrile gloves in Scandinavia

Themsen Health ApS supplies premium nitrile gloves of superior quality, directly from the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer, Supermax, with no costly middlemen.

At Themsen Health ApS, our client’s safety and health is our top priority. Credibility, quality and safety are our key values, reflected in our products and our organization.

We guarantee to deliver nitrile gloves which comply with the EU quality guidelines.

Our mission is to ensure that your company can create the best framework for hygienic, clean and safe workplace for your employees.

Jakob Raaschou Nielsen
CEO - Themsen Health ApS


We have more than 50 different types of disposable gloves, and cover all industries, from food manufacturers to pharmaceutical, from automotive to health care.

All our gloves are produced by Supermax, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of disposable gloves. High quality directly from factory to the customer, with no costly middlemen.

The best quality at the best price – we have a quality guarantee on all our gloves!

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We are based in Albertslund and are primarily a supplier to companies and therefore do not have a physical store where private individuals can shop.

Themsen Health  ApS
Værkstedsgården 8,1
DK-2620 Albertslund

(+45) 69 16 76 14

Recommendations from clients

"We have tried many different nitrile gloves and are really happy with the large selection at Themsen Health as we both use extra thick black gloves as well as plain blue - We get regular deliveries every month so we always have the gloves we need in stock. Good service and quality at good prices."